My LinkedIn Stats & Goals

The online world is full of false promises and misleading figures.
Therefore, I’ve decided to share all my progress here.
I’m already collecting the data, so why not share it, right?

In addition to the data, I am sharing my goals and my progress.

I view it as a game, and I will gather and share insights and tools for every level I reach.
This is to help you replicate it and pursue your own dreams.

Nice, right? If not done, consider following me on LinkedIn:


Here you can see my goals for Tier 1:


Goal: 10k Follower


Goal: 5 % Engagement


Raw-Data and graphs: Here

Followers and Growth

My Follower count and new followers per day:

Rolling Averages things

Here you find the averages of the last 7 days of Impressions, Likes, and Comments:

Impressions & Engagement

My overall impressions and engagement per day: