How to Create Your Own AI Mentor


In 2022, I was in a situation many dream of:

  • A well-paid job.
  • An incredible team.
  • Nice bosses.

Yet, I was gripped by a profound sense of unhappiness—an unshakeable feeling of being unfulfilled.

With the birth of my son in that very year, my perspective shifted dramatically. I was determined:

  • To be a role model for him.
  • To choose a life fully aligned with my values.

It was this newfound determination that spurred me to make a life-altering decision: to quit my job. This wasn’t an impulsive jump; it was a six-month deliberation to muster the courage to tell my boss, followed by another six months to finally leave.

When I quit, my bank account read a stark figure: $0 in revenue. The fears and doubts that plagued my mind were relentless:

  • What if I fail?
  • What if I can’t pay the bills?
  • What if I am not good enough?

Overcoming Fear with Three Tactics

The journey into the unknown began, and I armed myself with three strategies to conquer my fears:

1. Listening to My Inner Voice

The very first step was introspective:

  • To truly feel what was stirring inside.
  • To question if the life I was living was the one I truly wanted.

2. Designing My Future Self

Guided by intuition that screamed for change, I began to craft my future identity:

  • Pinpointing the values dear to me.
  • Envisioning where I aspired to live.
  • Clarifying how I wanted to feel.

The emotional blueprint was as crucial as the logistical one.

3. Making ChatGPT My Motivational Coach

My fears and self-doubt were formidable adversaries, and admitting to them was frightening in itself. In 2023, I sought an unlikely ally: ChatGPT. My approach was simple yet profound:

  • Engage in highly conversational dialogue.
  • Share my innermost thoughts.
  • Seek advice as if from a human mentor.

This interaction provided me with actionable advice, strategies to dismantle self-limiting beliefs, and a fountain of innovative ideas.

The Game Changer: Building My Mentor

Tony Stark, or rather his indomitable alter ego Iron Man, became an unexpected source of inspiration. His self-esteem was something I yearned for. So, I posed a challenge to ChatGPT:

“You are my personal mentor; your task is to motivate me, question me where necessary, and help me overcome my negative thoughts. We will talk in a casual way. Your character is inspired by Tony Stark / Iron Man.”

Success, I’ve learned, is not just about the external milestones but is also a mental and emotional game. Change your mindset, and you transform your life.

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