How I Create Mega-Prompts with ChatGPT to Save 5+ Hours Every Week


My Secret Weapon for Creating Engaging Blog Posts

Ever stare at a blank page unsure where to start when writing a blog post? I used to spend hours writing, editing and perfecting my posts before publishing. But ever since discovering ChatGPT, writing great content takes a fraction of the time and effort!

ChatGPT is like having my own virtual copywriter, available 24/7 to help craft posts exactly how I like them. Let me share how this AI tool has become my secret weapon for creating mega-prompts that save me 5+ hours every week.

ChatGPT – My Own Personal AI Assistant

Here’s the deal – I give ChatGPT simple instructions upfront on how I like my posts to be written:

  • Write conversationally, in a friendly tone
  • Use personal stories and real-life examples
  • Ask thoughtful questions to get readers reflecting
  • Make it scannable with good headers, bullet points and formatting

I tell ChatGPT the post topic, and it gets to work generating an entire draft for me. It’s like having my own copywriter, ready to help me crank out posts in a fraction of the time.

3 Tips to “Train” ChatGPT for Great Results

Now, ChatGPT does require some upfront investment to really maximize it. You have to spend time training it.

Here are 3 tips I’ve learned:

  • Give very clear instructions upfront on what you want your posts to achieve and how they should be written. The more details the better!
  • Provide 2-3 example posts you’ve written that you love. This shows ChatGPT your unique style.
  • Give feedback when ChatGPT generates a draft. Praise what it did well and provide guidance on what needs improvement. This helps it learn.

After a few tries, ChatGPT started delivering awesome first drafts in my own voice.

The Results: I Save Over 5 Hours Every Week!

Using ChatGPT to write my posts has been game changing. I’ve easily saved over 5 hours every week that I can reinvest into other important parts of my business.

And I can publish way more helpful content for my audience without burning out. It’s a total win-win!

So if you’re looking to save a ton of time creating great content, I highly recommend giving ChatGPT a try. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions! I’m happy to help you maximize this amazing tool.

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